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In the eerie halls of a seemingly ordinary high school, Lovecraft Locker unfolds a tale of horror and survival as students inadvertently summon the monstrous Cthulhu, bringing its terrifying presence and destructive intent into their world. Tasked with the daunting mission of returning this fiend to its own dimension and sealing the portal to prevent its return, players navigate the perilous environment, avoiding the grasp of Cthulhu to ensure their survival. The game captivates with its vibrant graphics and fluid animations, providing a free-to-play, ad-free experience that emphasizes ease of control and immersive gameplay. As players take on the role of the antagonist, they employ tentacles to ensnare and customize their captures within the lockers, adding a unique twist to the horror and simulation blend. Lovecraft Locker merges horror themes with an anime aesthetic, offering a diverse cast of characters and an engaging setting for players to explore, making it a distinctive and enthralling addition to the genre.

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