Life by You

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Craft Your Universe in Life by You

Step into the boundless universe of Life by You, a groundbreaking life simulation where your creativity sets the rules. As this game enters early access, it invites a collaborative development journey, allowing players to shape its future by sharing their insights and preferences. It’s a platform where imagination fuels the experience, and every player has the tools to script their adventures, design their characters, and architect their cities.

Embark on Unlimited Adventures

Life by You offers an immersive, open-world experience, eliminating traditional gaming barriers like loading screens. Navigate through life using real-world communication, traverse sprawling landscapes on foot or by vehicle, and encounter quests that enrich your virtual existence. This game puts a spotlight on narrative flexibility, enabling players to craft and influence dialogues based on unique scenarios. Dive into a world where you hold the reins—shape individual destinies or the fate of entire communities with intuitive controls and a robust character creation system. From designing dream homes to establishing bustling businesses, Life by You empowers you to manifest your ideal world with unparalleled creativity and freedom.

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