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We all have special memories from our childhood, associated with kids’ camp, where all the very first things happened – love, kisses, excitement and friendship. You were in such a place, and this nostalgia warmed your soul for several decades, but something happened that made you get the idea to visit this place that symbolizes in your mind a haven for childhood joys.

It was definitely it, you couldn’t be mistaken!

One day you got a newspaper that mentioned the name of that very camp in the headline. In the background of the attached photo, you recognized your favorite horse-drawn carousel, where you spent several hours a day! And in the foreground was the founder of this amusement facility. He was arrested. What could have happened at a mediocre summer vacation spot and was this man really involved?

You got the details of the incident from the same article. It states that the parents were unable to take their little ones home due to their absence. Moreover, no staff members were left on the premises. What is the cause of this horrifying tragedy of dozens of families?

This cannot be left like this

The authorities are trying to put order and figure out how to rescue the missing, but you decide to be proactive and find the poor, coming face to face with your past.

Head into dangerous terrain where every rustle causes a drop of sweat to run down your forehead. Find the antagonist and deal with him. Collect the “puzzle pieces” of this story, and fight your fear. Perhaps you will be the survivor who managed to get to the truth.

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