Jollibee Horror

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In this horror game crafted by IvanG, players take on the role of a security officer overseeing a seemingly normal office after hours. However, the office is far from ordinary due to its collection of animatronic characters that come alive at night with lethal intentions. Tasked with surviving until morning, players must navigate the daunting challenge of keeping these animatronics at bay using limited resources and quick wits.

Tactical Surveillance and Resource Management

The core of the gameplay involves strategically using the office’s surveillance system to monitor the movements of Jollibee and his animatronic colleagues—Popo, Yum, Twirly, and Hetty. Players need to adeptly manage their use of the office’s security features, such as camera feeds, ventilation closures, and direct confrontations using a flashlight. Each tool plays a critical role in detecting and delaying the animatronics’ progress towards the security office.

Navigating Adversity with Precision

The game amplifies the tension with challenges like unresponsive controls and multiple entry points that the animatronics can exploit. This setup tests players’ ability to remain calm and composed under pressure, enhancing the game’s horror aspect by adding a psychological layer to the physical threats. Success in this game is measured by the player’s ability to anticipate and react to imminent dangers, ensuring their survival through each harrowing night shift at the office.

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