Japanese Watermelon Game

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Many players consider merging games to be primitive and just a waste of time. However, this particular puzzle differs a lot. The Japanese watermelon game is an adventure for really witty players. It will not be easy to succeed in this game unless you follow the rules. Your primary goal is to skillfully stack falling fruits into a box. However, it will be a struggle as you cannot overload it. You should find enough place in the container, and not a single fruit should escape. If you keep piling items in a random order, it will not end well. Is there any secret after all? Merge the fruits! Make two identical fruits touch to transform into a larger one. This will help you free up more space.

What’s your purpose?

Your objective is to reach the best score! You must navigate through numerous merging steps until you reach the biggest item– a watermelon! The journey may be lengthy, and beginners might feel a bit frustrated initially. Yet, every misstep is a lesson. Analyze, adapt, and build stronger strategies. Get creative – try stacking your items in different ways. This game stands out from the rest; it’s genuinely engaging. Exciting merging chemistry adds special charm to this activity. Play just whenever you wish – the game seamlessly adapts to mobile phones as well. So, whenever boredom strikes, stack some fruits!

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