Incredibox v9 Wekiddy

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Are you a creative person and even a musician inside? Then you are definitely fond of games devoted to music theme. If this is about you, then do not miss something absolutely exciting. It is a new project – Incredibox v9 Wekiddy! You will be able to become a proud author of your own music. It sounds fabulous, doesn’t it? So let’s start immediately.

Do not be afraid of improvising!

This is the ninth chapter of the Incredibox series. And the hero is Wekiddy, a strange man that will produce all the sounds you ask him to. You will see a whole range of beats in the bottom of the screen. You can press several of them randomly and listen to how it will sound in reality. Combine them in your preferred sequence to get a cool melody. There are endless tunes you can create. You just need to be creative – nothing else! Kids and adults will have lots of fun here!

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