Imaginary Friend Asylum

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In Imaginary Friend Asylum, you find yourself trapped as a new patient in the foreboding Hathmoore Children’s Asylum in the year 1949. This psychological horror game places you in the shoes of a child navigating the terrifying halls of an institution filled with dark secrets and mysterious occurrences. As you explore the asylum, you are not alone; your imaginary friends are your allies, providing comfort and aid in a world that seems bent on your demise. The game expertly weaves atmospheric tension with immersive storytelling, drawing players into its unsettling yet captivating narrative.

Form Unlikely Alliances

Imaginary Friend Asylum offers an average playtime of 3-4 hours, packed with dense, compelling content. The game’s realistic graphics and atmospheric environment enhance the sense of immersion, making every shadow and sound a potential threat. Stealth elements require you to evade dangers lurking around every corner, while the augmented reality game (ARG) components and platforming challenges add layers of complexity to your escape attempts. Engage in a deep, interactive storyline filled with dialogue and lore, enhancing your understanding of the asylum’s haunted past and your place within it.

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