Hospital 666

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In Hospital 666, you awaken to the cold, unwelcoming embrace of an infinite hospital, where freedom hinges on navigating its cryptic elevators. The game, a confluence of inspirations from “Exit 8,” “Quest,” and “SCP Foundation,” along with a tapestry of horror cinema, thrusts you into an uncanny escape quest. The eerie silence is punctuated by the peculiar and the paranormal; the rule is simple yet unnerving: if oddities manifest before your eyes, your only recourse is to turn away. The enigma of what lies on the hospital’s 666th floor looms over your every move, fueling a relentless quest for answers and escape.

A Gauntlet of Anomalies

As you delve deeper into the heart of Hospital 666, the challenge intensifies. The game sprawls across over 100 levels, each presenting its unique brand of terror through 85 distinct anomalies and formidable bosses that guard the path forward. The choice between the front and back elevators is more than mere preference—it’s a strategic decision that could mean the difference between escape and entrapment. With monsters on your trail, the game demands cunning and agility to navigate the hazards that await. Whether braving the horrors solo or banding together in cooperative mode with 2-4 players, every decision, every floor, and every chilling encounter brings you closer to unraveling the dark secrets of Hospital 666. In this harrowing adventure, where gameplay can extend to 666 minutes, survival hinges on your ability to outwit the dark forces at play and uncover the truth that lies hidden within its walls.

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