Hide Time

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Lots of adventures that seem fun and lovely turn into a nightmare as you progress through the game. If you love such scenarios, welcome to Hide Time, a cool horror game where you will be exploring an old toys store. Nothing is suspicious in the beginning – you are just asked to visit this abandoned place and find some things there. But very soon, your enthusiasm will be evaporated. So let’s delve deeper into this mysterious plot. You will enter a dark location where everything is really chaotic. It seems it did not have a visitor for ages, but it is only the first and false impression.

You are trapped!

The store turns out to be really huge inside. You will walk and walk, discovering new premises. But why do you feel as if you are being watched by someone? Are you not alone here? It seems you are not! You will hear a lot of strange noises. And, finally, you will meet your enemies! These are plain toys! But they have been transformed into treacherous monsters. And they will try to kill you. It is obvious that you need to run away from here immediately. But you have been lost in these strange rooms and corridors! How to get out? You must solve endless puzzles to find hints and tips. It will be a real struggle to think logically when the danger is behind your back. Make sure you manage to find all the clues and survive!

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