Hello Neighbor Search and Rescue

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Do you remember the evil neighbor that used to kidnap people? It seems he is back again to his terrible activities. This time, your friend disappears without a trace. And you have all the reasons to suspect this antagonist. He has surely imprisoned the poor guy in his spooky house. You should not waste time – find a way to sneak into his house and explore it! Your friend must be kept in some of the rooms! The good news is that you can now team up with others for this dangerous mission!

Will you manage to avoid all traps?

Unfortunately, your opponent is not stupid at all and has prepared for your visit in advance. You will dive into a flow of VR-based events where you will continuously risk your life. But you can be able to play for all the heroes of your team and quickly relocate from one place to another. There are many tricky puzzles to solve to unveil all the secrets of the terrible antagonist. Do your best to dig out the truth about this personage and free up your friend!

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