Hello Engineer

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Welcome to the Hello Neighbor universe for a new exciting adventure. This time, a group of young inventors from Raven Brooks decided to take part in a big contest. They need to construct some machinery using metal scraps. But for this, they should visit an abandoned park to look for resources. However, the guys do not know yet that they will be trapped! Join them to help them overcome all the obstacles and trials! You will need to construct and survive at the same time!

Who stands behind it all?

The players will soon feel that somebody is spying on them. All their actions are controlled by evil bots. They learn that this amusement territory was built by the evil Mr. Peterson. If you remember, he was the main antagonist in the Hello Neighbor series. Now, young engineers need to think about how to get out of this terrible park? First of all, they need to team up and try to build a lot of weird mechanisms. These fantastic machines should help them escape. There are no instructions here – you just need to find enough spare parts to transform them into some vehicle that can move. It will be a challenging trial! So unleash your creativity and build as many machines as possible to avoid the worst outcome in this terrible place.

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