Goat Simulator 3

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Are you in the mood to spend some time in an absurd simulator? Then welcome to Goat Simulator 3! You will literally turn into a goat! What is your role in this entertainment? You will be surprised to learn that the key task of your weird personage is to bring as much chaos as possible! However, it is the right approach to have incredible fun, don’t you agree?
Explore an improved open-world!
All the game mechanics are preserved the same as in the previous releases. But now, players get access to the world which is 18 times bigger. The unstoppable goat can do whatever he wants in a sandbox city. How can you do it? No matter how ridiculous it may sound – your main activities are kicking and licking! Interact with different objects and complete a lot of secondary quests to unlock new skins. You will also come across other characters you have to deal with and participate in humorous mini-games. No other online entertainment is so funny as this cool simulator. Test it now!

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