Go To Bed

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Dive into the game Go to Bed, where a simple task turns into an eerie experience each night. Players find themselves in their own home, but the familiar setting soon reveals its hidden secrets as darkness falls. Every action, every decision, brings you closer to uncovering what truly haunts the quiet of the night. Can you outsmart the lurking shadows and ensure a peaceful slumber?

How to play

• Utilize WASD keys to wander through the shadowy confines of your home, exploring each corner for answers.
• Press E to engage with your surroundings, discovering objects that may aid your nightly quest for rest.
• Escape key allows a quick retreat to the menu, offering a respite from the suspenseful atmosphere.
This unique blend of horror and routine was crafted in just two weeks as part of the “DreadXP End of Summer Bone Jam,” showcasing the developers’ ability to turn the mundane into the mysterious. Following its debut, the game received an update to polish its immersive elements, ensuring that the simple act of going to bed remains an unforgettable adventure for all who dare to play.

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