Giant Rush

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Giant Rush! is a third-person arcade action game. You will play as a giant, who gathered to pass through the obstacle course. You will be able to lead him straight to his goal, destroying everything in his path. You will find pleasant graphics, easy controls, fascinating gameplay and no need for internet connection. On the screen in front of you there will be a long track in the middle of the sea, on which colorful little people. You have to gather as much as possible different color heroes in this track in ordered to grow in scale. This will significantly improve both your combat staying power and a small bonus to injury. Be careful and try not to shrink to the minimum size. In the upper right corner there will be a scale, when you fill it up, you’ll be able to devour everyone in your path for a while! Pick up gems, with which you can improve the characteristics of your hero, such as: the power of impact and speed of movement.

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