Garten of Banban

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Do you love mysterious stories with lots of secrets and unexpected twists? Then here is a new entertainment for you – Garten of Banban. The plot takes you to the building that used to be a kindergarten not so long ago. But a strange event happened there – one day, everyone disappeared from the place with not a single trace to be found. What actually happened there? This what a player needs to investigate! This adventure is full of obstacles and dangers and will require all your agility and logic!

Stay away from opponents!

You will definitely find some hints if you carefully explore the location. But it is going to a challenge even for brave players! You will suddenly discover that the place is not empty – the kindergarten mascots are here and will hunt after you! Make sure you are not caught in multiple traps set by these treacherous antagonists. To successfully avoid these, you must solve dozens of puzzles and complete risky quests. Do your best to collect enough tips to understand what exactly happened here. But note that your enemies will do everything for you not to dig out the terrible truth. This cool game will keep you on the toes until the very last moment! Good luck!

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