Fred’s Cereal Company

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Hold on to your cereal spoons, because your stepping into the office of Fred’s Cereal Company! Working here is no piece of cake – toxic environment, piles of mindless work, lousy boss… And one day you decide to quit. But it turns out to be to that easy!

Not quite a company you want to work at!

The game will send you on a crazy, goofy and sometimes eerie trip through the headquarters of the largest cereal company in town. You’ll be exploring this giant facility, solving puzzles, stumbling upon various situations and stuff, equally intriguing and disturbing, and generally having the time of your life. Get ready for mind-bending riddles that will require you to use your problem-solving skills to the max!

Get out of the cereal hell and survive!

You’ll need to outsmart the cunning boss and his army of overzealous interns if you want to escape the clutches of this cereal-soaked nightmare. Unlock new levels of absurdity as you traverse the surreal terrain of board meetings, marketing mishaps, and office politics gone haywire. So put on your wackiest tie, and get ready to take on the zany challenges of Fred’s Cereal Company! Quitting your job has never been so exhilarating!

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