Freddy in Space 4

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We all know how treacherous the animatronics from the beloved FNAF series are. However, this time, one of them needs your assistance. We are talking about Chica! This toy character has to navigate through incredible obstacles and avoid the death. You are the one who can guide the personage through all these challenges. Each level is made like a maze, just like in a classic platformer game. However, there’s a twist – the place is full of evil adversaries.

Demonstrate your agility!

To conquer these challenges, you will need to be exceptionally smart. When you see a barrier in front of you, you can jump it over. But avoiding the enemies won’t work this way. The only method to deal with them is to eliminate them. So, be ready to fire your weapon when you spot a menacing creature in the distance. Keep a close eye on Chica’s health bar – it should not get empty before the level ends. Seek out ways to restore health before diving into further confrontations. If you stay alert, you might discover a plethora of power-ups throughout the game. Plus, you can use your earned points to obtain various upgrades. There are many locations to explore here – test them all for the best experience.

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