Freddy in Space 3

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Welcome to a brand new adventure featuring Freddy Fazbear and other beloved characters from the epic FNAF series. This time, you’ll be in control of the Chica robotic toy. You will find yourself in a kind of maze, where Chica your character must skillfully maneuver between various obstacles. Along the way, she will encounter familiar characters – you have surely recognize all the personages from the previous FNAF episodes. Fortunately, Chica is armed and can kill them all, making her way through the challenges. Your accuracy in shooting is key to earning points, but too many mistakes can nullify your progress. Stay fully concentrated to get it done just right!

Explore all locations

There are multiple unique locations to choose form before you begin your adventure. Animatronica and Merch Cemetery are just some of these. Each of these locations presents distinct challenges to conquer. Monitor Chica’s health level, as if it drops critically, you will simply fail everything. Some levels will test your bravery as you face off against particularly frightening adversaries. Overcome your fears and guide Chica through all these traps!

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