FNAF Oblitus Casa

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Have you already played all chapters of the famous FNAF series and still feel like you have not got enough fun with evil animatronics? Then we have a thrilling surprise for you. A new cool adventure is inviting you to receive a fresh portion of thrills. Are you ready for a really scary challenge? Then let’s get started!

Spend five nights with Disney heroes!

This time, you will not see animatronics. All events unfold in Oblitus Casa, an old entertainment park located on mysterious Treasure Island. You will again need to stay in a tiny office of the nightguard and protect yourself from enemies. These are famous personages from Disney cartoons. But they have been transformed by some unknown power into evil creatures that will try to destroy you! Will you manage to survive five nights? This adventure comes with a handful of thrills and jumpscares. Think well if you are brave enough for it. Only players with strong nerves will cope with all the trials!

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