Great news for the FNAF fans! Welcome to a new thrilling escapade where players assume the role of a night security guard. However, your place of work is not going to be safe – it is a shadowy pizzeria full of diabolical animatronics. It is a seamless fusion of survival horror and strategic gameplay. Players are immersed into a relentless confrontation against inventive and malevolent toy. The opponents set elaborate traps for the protagonist. Armed with only a feeble flashlight and surveillance cameras, with each night, the tension escalates.

Test Survival Crew!

This latest update is designed as multiplayer. As a member of the night crew responsible for security, your mission unfolds in a new, ominous location where you need to find five batteries for the panels. Dive into this adrenaline-fueled experience, complete with unexpected jumpscares, as wicked toys materialize to attack you. If they succeed, you will become one of them! You will surely not like the idea to turn into a treacherous robotic toy! Navigate this perilous task, rescuing teammates amid the relentless onslaught of twisted toys. Surviving this formidable challenge demands wits and courage. Best of luck!

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