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Flathead offers a sinister twist on the classic guessing game of higher or lower. Players find themselves bound to a foreboding device amidst a bleak and desolate backdrop, with the eerie sounds of creatures known as the Sunken inching ever closer. The rules are deceivingly simple: predict if the next number shown will be higher or lower than the one before. Success means the potential to accumulate points towards an escape; failure brings the Sunken one step closer. As the game progresses, the tension thickens, transforming what at first seems like a straightforward challenge into a desperate fight for life.

Escalating Tension and Immersive Strategy

Players are equipped with a variety of tools and power-ups that can manipulate the odds, offering brief respites from the relentless tension. Options include banking points for safety, doubling down for high-stakes gambles, or spinning the wheel of fate to potentially alter the game’s direction drastically. Each choice carries weight, imbuing the gameplay with a palpable sense of urgency and strategic depth. Coupled with a grim atmosphere and the haunting audio cues of approaching threats, Flathead masterfully blends psychological horror with intense strategic gameplay, ensuring that each session is as thrilling as it is terrifying.

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