Five Nights In Anime 4

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Welcome to a new chapter in the famous horror series – Five Nights in Anime 4! Once again, you are trapped in a nightmarish scenario, where you must survive against terrifying anime-inspired opponents. The story is very similar to the epic FNAF. But instead of robotic toys with ugly appearances, you will deal with lovely girls with anime designs. However, their lovely faces are just a façade that hides true monsters. Actually, they want to lure you in their trap and kill you! You will have to navigate through eerie environments and fend off these enemies. Every mistake can become fatal for you.

Do not be misled!

This time, the terror reaches new heights as the animatronics are more cunning and relentless than ever before. In addition to it, their lovely faces make the player forget about their evil intentions. No matter how hard they try to seduce you with their beauty, do not forget that you only see a mask. Make sure not to meet them face-to-face. Stay inside your tiny office and lock the door when you see any of your opponents approach too close. Just do your best to survive five nights and you will be free!

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