Fears To Fathom

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Fears To Fathom isn’t your cozy bedtime story. It’s a survival adventure where the night is your nemesis. Can you survive the night in a creepy house and make it through the darkness in one piece? Let’s play and find out!

Fears To Fathom: Game Highlights

• Teenage Protagonist: You’re just a kid, you’re 14, and you’re scared out of your mind!

• Eerie Atmosphere: Brace yourself for all those heart-pounding noises, crawling shadows, and jump scares that can really make you jump in your computer chair.

• Photo-Realistic Graphics: In Fears To Fathom, everything looks so real, you’ll question if it’s a game or reality.

• VHS Vibe: Experience the horror through a nostalgic VHS-style lens, complete with the fuzzy aesthetic and a touch of vintage thrills.

• Interactive Exploration: Explore the house freely, interact with just about any object you stumble upon, but beware – you may discover some things you’ll wish to never have found!

• Narration-Driven Story: The game tells its tale through narration that unfolds with every step you take, every room you enter, and every spine-tingling moment.

Already feel those shivers down your spine? Just wait until you start playing! Plunge right into the dim depths of this haunted house and pray that you see the light of the day again!

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