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By no means dive headfirst into this project, or you risk spending all day in it and not getting things done on your to-do list! Meet the world where blocks are the material for everything around you, including your positive emotions! You will encounter a fact on one of the levels that will break your understanding of the controls and physics in the game. You are in a place with various obstacles like spinning crosses, blocky heights and so on. There are also monsters in different places – they are representatives of a nasty virus, which you must destroy by shooting at them. But the thing is that you can’t run, jump or move like in a regular game. Your movement depends solely on the shots, that is, using your weapon you turn and move as if the shots were a spring. Therefore, you learn more about the physical laws of this universe and wonder how a simple idea can turn out to be so unusual and fascinating.

Create it yourself!

This exclusive collection of games will provide the aspiring level designer, the budding game developer, or just someone with a vivid imagination, a fertile environment for ideas to thrive. The intuitive interface makes creation accessible, yet offers enough depth to satisfy the most ambitious makers! It’s a magical place where imagination knows no bounds and the joy of play is limitless, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re a player looking for new adventures or a creator eager to bring your designs to life!

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