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Everloop presents its players with a captivating challenge: escape from an unending corridor, a realm where each movement and observation plays a critical role in uncovering the path to one’s fate. This game is an exercise in mindfulness and discovery, blending the stark lines of reality with the fluid contours of the surreal.
Players are tasked with navigating through a corridor brimming with hidden details and secrets, where every corner turned and every object encountered could hold the key to advancing or a sign to cautiously retreat.

Deciphering the Enigma: Core Elements of the Experience

At the core of Everloop lies the challenge of detailed exploration. The game invites players on a methodical journey through a corridor shrouded in mystery, awaiting the keen eye of an observer to uncover its hidden depths. The environment is rich with clues and signals, guiding players on when to press forward and when to backtrack in the face of anomalies. These anomalies are both a test and a beacon, drawing players closer to their escape or ensnaring them further within the maze-like corridor.

Complementing the gameplay is the Anomaly Codex, a treasure trove of information on the encountered anomalies, weaving a narrative that enriches the gaming experience and deepens the mystery surrounding the infinite corridor. With every candle lit, players inch closer to solving the puzzle of the corridor, each flame a testament to their progress and a beacon in their quest to reach the end. This experience, lasting between 15 and 60 minutes, offers a unique blend of suspense, strategy, and story, engaging players in a relentless quest for freedom and truth.

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