If you are a fan of the Budokai Tenkaichi series, you will be delighted to discover its new installment that has just been released! The sequel continues the story of the third chapter where the brave brothers need to protect the Earth from the evil aliens. They will not be able to achieve success in a peaceful way – so they step on the path of fierce fights with terrible creatures. Will you help the heroes demonstrate their strongest abilities and defeat the opponents?

Even more characters are available now!

This time, you will have access to even more personages, which makes the walkthrough more enjoyable. The graphics are excellent. The plot is built in a way that you will often feel you are about to lose the duel and feel encouraged to activate all your hidden powers. It will result in spectacular confrontations. Discover new characters and feature in this new chapter. You will be positively impressed by this reworked anime fighter. Prove you can beat them all!

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