Dome Keeper

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In this game, you will have a very unusual task. But here is some backstory. The world had been suffering from various attacks for too long, and people decided to create some kind of protection. So they constructed special domes to fend off monsters and aliens. But these structures need proper care and upgrade if you expect them to perform their function well. Let’s try if you will have enough skills to cope with such a task!

Make sure you extract enough resources!

You are free to do whatever you want under your dome. But you will have to keep it in the best state for your enemies not to break through it. The maintenance requires a lot of resources, and you can extract these from under the ground. So you will have to dig tunnels and look for the things that you may need. You will face several types of opponents, and they will attack in waves. You should be ready to give a decent response to the attempts to ruin your dome. After you delete them, go underground to look for artifacts and other interesting things. Your achievements will allow you to pump your character and unlock new resources and features. The key idea is to progress and improve your dome, while keeping monsters away!

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