The magical adventures of your favorite childhood heroes begin. Disney’s characters have the opportunity to become world-famous superheroes who will save an entire magical land from impending disaster! It is inhabited by fantastic little beings who keep three books like the apple of their eye. These are the guarantors of their comfortable life, and self-righteous thieves dare to steal these sacred scriptures.

Words are stronger than guns

The head of state, who needs your help, has revealed a little secret that is certain to work, and you can win and return to the owners what is rightfully theirs. But first, you need to go through a difficult path to find your way to another biome. The distance between where you are and the place you need to get to is too big, so use the experiment method to reach the goal. Next, find the criminals and lure them into a trap using special magical methods that the leader of the inhabitants of these lands will teach you. Spells will instantly disable them, and you don’t even need to use physical force!

Complete amazing quests

They will help you succeed brilliantly faster. With the help of them, you can get special items and tools that will make it easier for you to get to your destination. It’s time for retribution!

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