Meet Ronald, a simple guy who got into a fix. He’s clocking in at a gig that’s more mysterious than a magician’s hat. Ronald’s a part of this secretive Darknet crew called ViVEX, led by the enigmatic boss known as The Shade. And pretty soon, things are about to get seriously shady for him!

Hack away and make some shady cash!

ViVEX isn’t your average nine-to-five crew. Nope, these folks are all about hacking into surveillance cameras, just for some quick moolah. Each hour on the clock, Ronald’s got to spot any “interesting” stuff and report it back to The Shade. Yeah, cause you gotta keep the boss satisfied, or else you’re outta there faster than a cat in a laser show.
But here’s the thing, Ronald’s office isn’t in some posh building – it’s in the sketchiest part of town. And guess what The Shade’s got him doing? Delivering packages to the folks living in the apartment complex. Talk about a side hustle! Will you be able to do your job just right and cope with all the potential dangers and challenges waiting for you? Plunge into the wild world of hacking, surveillance, and sneaky deliveries in Dead Signal! Just don’t get caught by the cyber police!

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