Contraband Police

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Simulators are often devoted to some profession, and this one is no exception. However, it is not just about mechanical actions this time – everything is much more exciting. The story takes to a country with a communist setup, and all events unfold in the 80s. It is the time of heavy contraband. So you will work as an officer on the border checkpoint. Your mission is really important – you check and scan a flow of those who want to enter or leave the country. For this, you must follow a special procedure.

Will you spot all smugglers?

Smuggling has become an alarming problem, and you need to spot all drivers who want to deliver something prohibited to the other side of the border. There are several stages of the inspection – documents, vehicle and goods. Be very attentive as the entry rules change quite often depending on different events. Follow all novelties not to make a mistake. And once you find something wrong – make sure to detail the criminal. He may try to escape, so you need to be ready to any reaction of this character. Your job involves a lot of risk, and you must remain on the alert during the whole shift. In the end of it, you will receive a report whether you coped well with your duties.

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