Captain Willie Unblocked 66

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Enrich your horror experience in Captain Willie unblocked 66. What is the scenario this time? You play for a daring personage who decides to join a mouse-looking captain in this maritime adventure. At first, you will engage in a series of routine ship tasks. Your main errands contain chopping potatoes and washing the deck. Prepare to navigate through the unsettling atmosphere as you carry out your duties under the watchful eye of the weird boss. Is he really so friendly as he tries to look? Soon, you will discover it yourself.

It is an unexpected twist!

You may believe that your trip is monotonous and boring. However, one day, everything changes. The captain seems to behave differently – he transforms into a true monster and starts chasing you. Now you seem to be in a trap! Will you manage to survive and escape the deadly outcome? It all now depends on your agility and skills. Pull yourself together to overcome all tricky obstacles and remain alive. It may seem impossible to survive, but you can surely achieve if you are determined enough.

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