Buckshot Roulette

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Think you’re brave enough to put the gun to your head and pull the trigger without knowing for sure if it’s loaded or not? Buckshot Roulette flips the script on the infamous game of chance and allows you to experience all the adrenaline without any of the risks. Every shot feels like it’s for real, and every time the thread your virtual life is hanging by gets thinner and thinner!

Buckshot Roulette Gameplay

• 15 to 20 Minute Playthrough: Buckshot Roulette doesn’t waste time – it throws you into the heart of the action for a 15 to 20-minute rollercoaster.
• Immersive & Grounded Tabletop Gameplay: Enjoy the crisp and creepy tactile experience, with diegetic systems and minimal UI.
• Unpredictable Yet Controllable Rounds: Brace yourself for unscripted rounds that offer outcomes you have no chance of predicting (fear not, though – you can still pull the strings of fate).
• Replay Value Beyond the Underground: No matter how many rounds you’ve been through, it’s a journey you’ll want to take again and again, discovering new thrills every time.
• Ruthless Yet Fair AI: The dealer might seem harsh, but their decisions are based on what’s on the table, not under it.

So, grab that virtual shotgun, load it with anticipation, and get ready for a tabletop ride that’s anything but ordinary. Happy shooting!

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