Brotato Premium

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Brotato premium is a fast-paced top-down shooter where players control a spud in an intergalactic fight for survival. After crash-landing on a hostile alien planet, Brotato must fend off waves of incoming enemies with an arsenal of weapons and gadgets. The game stands out for its simplicity in concept but depth in strategy, allowing players to customize their character with a wide range of weapons, from traditional firearms to bizarre gadgets, and tailor their playstyle through various traits and items. With each round, the challenge escalates, pushing players to adapt quickly and efficiently to survive the relentless attacks of alien creatures.

How to Play

Controlling Brotato is intuitive, making it easy to jump into the action:

Move: Use WASD or arrow keys to navigate the terrain.
Aim: Point the cursor where you want to shoot.
Shoot/Use Weapon: Left click to fire your primary weapon or use your selected gadget.
Switch Weapons: Scroll the mouse wheel or use number keys to switch between equipped weapons.
Pick Up Items/Weapons: Walk over items to pick them up or interact with them.
Pause/Access Inventory: Press ESC to pause the game and access your inventory for equipment changes.

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