Brotato Diversified

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Everyone knows Brotato, a brave potato character who fearlessly fights endless hordes of aliens. However, the hero does not act barehanded – he is warmed! And what is really amazing – the protagonist can handle six types of weapons at the same time. Anyway, it may become boring to enjoy one and the same walkthrough, so the developers decided to make the game more engaging by adding a number of cool mods to it. These extensions add new features and cool elements that encourage the players to interact more with the cute Brotato.

It is a diversified mod!

This time, it is a diversified mod that completely transforms the gameplay. Your main character is still Brotato, but now, the hero can take on different skins. You can easily turn the potato personage into Child or Police officer, Capitalist or Philosopher. Do not forget to check the menu – you will find a lot of new weapons there and other features you will meet in the modded version. Now you can try new weapon combinations and enjoy new spectacular scenes on the screen. Prove you can easily master new elements and destroy these never-ending waves of opponents. This entertainment is great for all age categories.

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