Born Of Bread

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Step into an extraordinary role as a curious golem in “Born of Bread”! Your journey begins in a vibrant realm teeming with secrets and a cast of colorful characters. Engage in dynamic and intriguing battles where alliances are pivotal in defeating unique foes.

But this isn’t your typical boring adventure. This project tests and challenges your reflexes and strategy in battle! Before, you hardly ever thought about how many abilities you need to master to win in such projects!

Our protagonist can’t face this challenge alone! Build bonds with diverse characters, who will surprise you with their distinctive personalities and traits. Together, conquer challenging obstacles and emerge victorious in combat! Discover a world filled with fantastic creatures and diverse environments, promising an experience unlike any other. Embrace the uniqueness, dive in, and become the toughest dough-based hero ever!

Children and adults alike enjoy playing as a creature made of delicious dough that performs well in battles. You can have a fun and entertaining time in an unusual role, and you will be delighted! Use all your best skills, merge with your character, defeat monsters and win!

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