Bonnie’s Bakery: Fresh Ingredients Unblocked

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Meet an adorable heroine from Bonnie’s Bakery: Fresh Ingredients Unblocked. This is a new expansion to the main cooking game. You start in a cozy bakery, where you take on the role of a charming baker. The task is predictable – you have to prepare all imaginable sweet treats. But for this, you must collect all kinds of ingredients to prepare these amazing baked goods. And then you need to serve delicious treats to the locals. Are you ready for such a culinary test? Be prepared for an unusual twist!

Find enough ingredients!

At first glance, the walkthrough looks more than innocent, but this is only the first impression. Soon, you will discover the shocking truth. When the night comes, the heroine starts hunting for new ingredients. But wait, why hunting? This is because her ingredients are animals! Bonnie does not tell all the secrets to her customers. And they are really horrifying! Are you ready to find out more? Warning – there can be several endings here! Make sure to explore them all!

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