Basics In Behavior

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In the immersive game adaptation of the animated music video Basics in Behavior, players step into the shoes of Claire, a student navigating a tumultuous day at her school. This game, derived from the Fundamental Paper Education series, plunges players into a detailed environment where every classroom and hallway is a potential battleground of wits and wills. Set to the backdrop of The Living Tombstone’s song, the gameplay revolves around Claire’s efforts to maintain her composure and academic focus amidst the chaos orchestrated by her classmates—Edward, Zip, and Oliver.

A Day of Trials and Tribulations

Gameplay in Basics in Behavior is a mix of strategy and quick-time events, challenging players to dodge the relentless mischief of Claire’s peers. As Claire, players must navigate through various scenarios from the video, such as avoiding paper airplanes, responding to sudden quizzes, and managing stressful confrontations with teachers. The game escalates when Claire’s classmate, Abbie, fails a test, leading to an explosive reaction from Miss Circle. This event triggers a high-stakes chase sequence through the school’s corridors, requiring players to make split-second decisions to evade the wrath of Miss Circle and other teachers.

Consequences and Choices

The climax of the game occurs when Claire mistakenly enters Alice’s room, leading to a dramatic transformation of the game’s setting from a flat, paper-like world to a more dynamic 3D environment. In this new phase, players must help Claire navigate this transformed realm, dodging attacks from the mysterious Alice and uncovering clues to resolve the unfolding crisis. The game concludes with a critical choice: confront the antagonists or find a way to expose their misconduct to the school authorities. Each decision affects the game’s ending, leaving players to reflect on the impacts of bullying and authoritarian behavior in educational settings.

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