Animal Shelter Simulator

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Do you love pets and care for them? Then you should not miss the Animal Shelter simulator. Unlike in real life, no one can restrict you here on the number of animals you can have. Actually, you will run here your own shelter, and your main mission is to rescue as many four-legged friends as possible. You will have to provide a home for them and find a new loving owner. Are you ready for this adventure?

How to play?

In the beginning, you will have just small premises where you can shelter abandoned pets. You can accept not only cats and dogs but even exotic animals like crocodiles! You will have to create a special place for each of them that will be safe. Then it is time to examine a new pet and cure it if necessary. Do not worry if you do not have vet skills – you will find all the tools and medicines in the menu with clear instructions on how to use these. Then, you need to feed your little friends and wash them regularly. Do not forget to take them for a walk regularly. And the most important task is to find a new home for your animals. Make sure you select a loving factory that will make each of them happy! As you progress, you will need more space for new pets. So do not forget to switch to a building mode and expand your shelter!

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