Amnesia: The Bunker

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What can be more terrible than finding yourself in an unfamiliar place with your memory wiped off? This is what happened to the main hero of this survival story. The protagonists waked up in a terrible underground bunker. There is no one else here. The worst thing is that the guy does not remember what has happened and how he has gotten here. But it is obvious it is dangerous to stay here. So no matter how scared and confused the hero is, he must think about escape. Moreover, he suspects he is not the only live being in this dreadful bunker. So his life is at stake. Now only his smartness can let him remain alive. Are you ready to come to his rescue?

Develop an escape plan!

The place is a maze with narrow paths. And the most dangerous thing is that the protagonist clearly hears strange noises from the other side of the wall. It is a monster who will try to capture him. How to get out from here. It is necessary to explode the path. For this, the hero needs to get some dynamite and a fuse. These are hidden somewhere around. So try to explore the place to locate these. But note that risks will await you everywhere. The game is built in way that each player’s decision has a direct impact on further events. So it is vital to think over each step to avoid potential obstacles and traps. Overcome your fear and find courage to confront the evil monster. You will enjoy a handful of thrills and jumpscares during the walkthrough!

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