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American Farmland: The Digital Frontier

Immerse yourself in the sprawling expanses of American Farmland, a game that epitomizes the essence of agricultural life in the heartland of the U.S. The game introduces players to a world where managing a farm goes beyond simple tasks, incorporating brands and machinery recognized by real-world farmers — think Case IH, Versatile, and the like. Whether it’s overseeing the growth and wellbeing of livestock across diverse operations or tending to crops over more than a thousand acres, American Farmland delivers a comprehensive farming adventure.

Customization and Choice: The Core of Your Farm

As you embark on this agrarian odyssey, the game offers a choice between two distinct starter farms, laying the groundwork for your future agricultural empire. The selection of equipment available for your farming needs is meticulously detailed, boasting over 75 types of vehicles and tools. Players have the freedom to tailor their tractors and machinery to their liking, including giants like the Case QuadTrac 600 and the Versatile DeltaTrac 620, and the choice extends to specialized implements for every task imaginable. Those with a penchant for nostalgia will find joy in operating vintage models such as the International 1206. Beyond the heavy lifting, the game incorporates lighter vehicles like ATVs and dirtbikes for nimble farm navigation, and a variety of trailers designed for efficient equipment transport. American Farmland offers a unique glimpse into the life of a farmer, where choice and customization lie at the heart of the experience, bringing the dream of running your own farm within reach.

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