Amanda The Adventurer

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Meet a new online game character that will accompany you on another virtual adventure with a tint of horror to it! Her name is Amanda. She is a very adventurous little girl who enjoys all sorts of journeys and trials. She is also very brave and isn’t afraid of anything that might be waiting for her along the way. Are you just as brave? Are you ready to join her on another adventure she is about to set off for? Then welcome to this game!

More than just an old TV show for children…

The first thing you are going to see after you launch Amanda the Adventurer is a stuffed attic and your hands digging through piles of things lying there. You are obviously looking for something, but then you make a discovery that distracts you from your initial purpose. It’s a videotape gathering dust in one of the boxes. Actually, there are three of them, and the name says that it’s some kind of a kid’s TV show. Vague memories rise in your mind. You feel a sudden urge to turn it on and look through the show. But when you do that, something weird happens…

Help Amanda get out of the game!

There must be something wrong about this TV show. Because it comes alive right before your eyes! Instead of playing her role, the main heroine acts like a real human being. Amanda actually starts talking to you and giving you tasks! You look at her bewildered, but she obviously needs your help. She seems stuck in the show and wants to get out. To do that, she needs to cope with all the puzzles waiting for her – and you since you’re now her friend and assistant. Enjoy the bizarre and a little bit creepy gameplay and make sure Amanda reaches her goal!

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