Have you missed Amanda the Adventurer and her puppet friends from an old children’s TV show? Now you have a chance to meet them once again and find out what other new adventurers are waiting for you in the second part of this great horror game! Just like before, you’ll be helping Amanda, Wooly and other heroes find their way around the world of the show, solve various puzzles and cope with any difficulties they might encounter. So let’s get started!

Amanda and her friends are back!

The gameplay of Amanda the Adventurer 2 follows the standards set in the original version. You see all the characters on the screen of your videotape recorder where you decided to watch that old TV show from your childhood that you don’t quite remember. As the first frames appear on the screen, you realize something is off. The characters seem to look right at you, you can really see traces of understanding and intellect in their eyes. So when they finally start talking to you, it doesn’t seem completely out of place.

Another adventure waiting for you!

Amanda wants you to help her solve another series of riddles. Sometimes they can be rather scary, even though it’s supposed to be just a cute show for kids totally void of any disturbing content. Don’t worry, it won’t be that scary! Just a little bit alarming… The most important thing is to keep yourself together no matter what and solve all the puzzles!

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