Alternate Watch

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Alternate Watch is a mystical and horror style online game that invites players to become detectives and track down mystical anomalies that occur in the house. Players will have to use surveillance cameras to observe various objects inside the house and find signs of unusual phenomena. Forcingly, this game consists of surveillance cameras that you will have to switch in order to keep an eye on the order of the house. Anomalies in the house can occur in different forms. Some can manifest themselves by changing the behavior of objects or changing their position. Other anomalies may manifest themselves through sounds or light effects. In some cases, players will have to act quickly to catch something incredible. Players will need to use their intelligence and knowledge to deal with anomalies in the game. They will have to be attentive and notice the slightest change in their surroundings that might indicate an unusual phenomenon. To get through the game, players need to keep track of all the anomalies in the house and find out what caused them. This game provides a unique experience where players can become part of the fascinating world of detectives and solve mysteries using only their powers of observation and logic. Only, stay always on your guard, because mystical situations can wait for you anywhere and anytime. Alternate Watch is an interesting mystical game that will plunge you into the world of mysterious and unusual situations. The main thing is to always keep a sharp mind and cope with all the abnormal phenomena that will get in your way.

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