9 Childs Street

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A lot of horror games start as simple kid’s adventures. And 9 Childs Street is not an exception. You meet a nine-year-old boy named Armin. As many children of his age, the hero is always looking for some new activities and fun. Once day, a house across the street attracted his attention. This place has been abandoned for a long time. Earlier, an old toy creator lived there. Though it seems something is happening there, even if nobody entered it for ages. So Armin decided to visit it. He even did not tell anything to his parents. When it got dark, the hero got armed with a flashlight and sneaked inside. Little did he know what would happen next!

Will you unveil the truth?

The boy has immediately felt something fishy here. He will be shocked to find out he is not alone here. The house is not abandoned as he has mistakenly thought! It is full of strange entities! The only thought of these fills the hero with terrible fear from toe to head! But there is no way back – the boy’s curiosity is stronger than his fear. So he decides to continue exploring every corner of the old building. There must be some clue to these paranormal things. Note that you need to be really careful not to get caught into one of multiple traps set around. Someone is definitely trying to capture you, and you need to mislead these mysterious enemies. Will you join the personage to help him bravely overcome all dangers and unveil the shocking truth? Good luck!

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